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Diversey Consulting

Empower Your Food Safety Culture

Diversey Consulting is the professional department of Diversey specialized in Food Safety Management Systems. A cornerstone corporation like Diversey can reinforce your food safety culture and lend a hand towards safer food as hygiene and food safety are undoubtedly a vital part of the DNA of our company.


Within our dedicated pillar Diversey Consulting we have a broad expertise in food safety and can provide smart solutions from building a robust food safety infrastructure, through training, to monitoring the effectiveness of your food safety program.


Diversey Consulting will work with you to untangle the requirements and create an actionable audit and training plan, or sample food, water and surfaces and analyze the parameters together with accredited, independent labs. Lean on us for advice, whatever your food safety challenges are.


Global Coverage, Local Expertise

Within Diversey Consulting we have broad expertise in food safety management across the globe. With over 1000 clients in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East & Asia we have a broad network of Food Safety Industry experts, veterinarians, microbiologists and food engineers, specialized in Business to Consumer sectors in every region. Our approach is to educate, coach and guide our client on how to tackle their food safety concerns.

Assessment And Design

Diversey Consulting helps you build your food safety system. We can help you design a food safety program that understands , respects and facilitates your procedures. Together we can brainstorm about a coherent, simplified and updated food safety program. Based on your needs, risks, full set of activities and products.

Diversey Consulting

We Are Your Food Safety Architects


Comprehensive and cost-effective training solutions. We help your staff implement the right food safety behavior. Food safety is all about people’s behavior. A well embedded Food safety culture is all about attitude and being pro-active. Simply put: safe behavior makes safe food. From onsite coaching to a full set of food safety trainings and e-learning modules, we help you to create your own food safety heroes with our customized training program depending on your needs. Or get qualified at your own pace with our eLearning modules for all levels and audiences: from elementary modules for food handlers to elevated food safety audience’s requisites. More info? Link to Hygiene academy..


Get a clear insight on the status of your food safety system with our auditing tools. We can validate the efficiency of your food safety system and give you peace of mind that your operation is compliant with food Safety regulations and standards. With an external audit of your operation, we monitor your network to ensure compliance with the values and procedures defined in your code of practice. Diversey helps retailers, food operators and food service companies conduct a food supplier audit program to independently assess compliance across the supply chain.  Furthermore our auditors can conduct a pre-audit to assess the level of compliance against standards standard such as BRC, ISO 22.000, IFS,..


Lab analysis to help you monitor your food & hygiene

Get ready for audits with a deep lab analysis and combine your audit with a sample taking plan. Diversey Consulting has a global network of co-operations with ISO 17025 accredited food testing laboratories. This enables us to conduct your complete testing program with the testing on food, water and surfaces for Microbiological Food Testing, Nutritional Analysis and Chemical Analysis.


Remote Temperature Monitoring – Digital Solutions to manage your hot & cold chain 

Simplifying processes, improving food safety engagement and making life easier for our customers is what we are all about at Diversey Consulting. We can help you with these challenges and offer modern food safety solutions to bring food safety to the next level.


Maintaining the cold and hot chain is a key legal requirement in most countries. Refrigeration or freezer failures can lead to loss of stock with costly consequences in terms of operational performance and reputation. Temperature deviations can also lead to potential hazards such as foodborne disease. Temperature control is therefore not only a regulatory obligation but also a key pillar of any food safety management system.


Traditional manual and periodic measurements as well as associated documentation can now be replaced by fully automated and secure methods. To ensure real-time continuous recording and monitoring of temperatures, Diversey Consulting offers an online and wireless remote temperature monitoring system.


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