Fundamental Cleaning in Place (CIP) Concepts and Application

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Fundamental Cleaning in Place (CIP) Concepts and Application

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Category: Application

Level: Basic

Languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish.



Course Modules:

  1. CIP Concepts
  2. CIP Units Concepts: Single Use, Recovery, Static Leg


It is recommended that trainees have completed Principles of Hygiene and Sanitation in Food and Beverage Processing in preparation for this course.




Course Description


Cleaning in Place (CIP) is defined as the process of cleaning and disinfecting the internal surfaces of processing equipment without the need to dismantle or intervene manually.


The Fundamental Cleaning in Place (CIP) Concepts and Application course introduces the key principles of CIP system functionality, design and operation and acts as a foundation for the advanced modules.




Suitable For





Learning Objectives


  • Describe the elements of a CIP system, and articulate the basic principles of CIP design
  • Recognize CIP system types when you come across them
  • Be able to explain the basic concepts of flow rate and pressure loss, and know why they are important




Access and Purchase Options


Companies can purchase a package of modules to fit the needs of their workforce. Our sales representatives can help build training plans which are tailored to suit the needs of each company.


The course can also be purchased from our Hygiene Academy eStore which provides an opportunity for individuals interested in developing or refreshing their skillset to purchase on a course-by-course basis.