Solutions That Provide Excellent Performance With Less Impact On Our Planet

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Highly Effective… Kind By Nature… Eco-Certified


Our Pur Eco certified range for Kitchen Cleaning and Mechanical Warewashing has been developed to provide excellent performance with less impact on the environment.


The Pur-Eco products meet the strict environmental and safety criteria of the internationally recognized European “Flower” and Scandinavian “Nordic Swan” Eco-Labels, as clear proof of their environmental qualities. Their efficacy is guaranteed by rigorous customer testing, and is based on Diversey’s expertise and many years of experience in developing and selling certified products. 


The Pur-Eco range offers highly effective cleaning and everything you need to deliver the experience your customers expect and deserve, with a wide choice of products to work under all water conditions, and in various packaging and dosing systems such as Safepack and Revoflow systems.

Pur Eco